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High-resolution slug detector called AMSTAD(PS-474) can show not only bar graphs but also waveform graphs and plot graphs because we added liquid crystal display to the slug detector with the resolution of 0.1μm developed by the experience of many years.
Therefore, it is easy to adjust detection timing which was difficult to adjust up until now by checking waveform and to check a variation of displacement in the graph.
In addition, it is not only showing graphs but also recording a waveform data for 8 strokes immediately before the press stops and recording a displacement data constantly.

High-sensitivity sensor with the resolution of 0.1μm
Detection of slight displacement can be realized in resolution of 0.1μm. Cable compensation is instantly performed according the cable length when connecting the cable and detecting breakage of the cable and stops the press.     
Visualization by a liquid crystal panel
Easy to understand settings and status of each channel at a glance because of liquid crystal panel. You can also choose display of waveform graph or plot graph and the displayed screen can be saved as is on a USB flash drive as a BMP format.     
Easy to adjust a detection timing
Because the press motion can be checked with waveforms, the detection timing can be set easily while checking waveforms. The external timing can also be adjusted easily while checking waveforms.     
Data storage on a USB flash drive
Waveform data for 8 strokes immediately before the press stops can be saved on a USB flash drive in CSV format. Because the displacement data is recorded constantly, it can be saved on a USB flash drive in CSV format with the time specified.     
Feature-rich settings
Useful settings are available, such as “Trimming limit value”and “Press stop detection” and so on. Setting values can be saved in up to 50 patterns on the internal memory. Moreover they can be saved on a USB flash drive.     

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