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The safety device PS-662 is a malfunction-detecting device to monitor stamping processes, such as material end, miss-feeding and miss-ejection in automatic press stamping.
PS-662 inspects the processing by utilization of sensor input connected to PS-662 and the detection-timing signal which synchronizes with the operation of the press machine. When the malfunction is detected, a stop signal is output to the press machine.
The lot counter and the total counter are built in PS-662. The counter can control the number of products made by the press stamping.

The detection modes can be changed.
Two detection modes are built in each detection channel. The combination of the detection modes is different in each channel.     
The sensor input polarity of each channel can be switched.
All detection channels have the pin jack and the 3-contact jack.
The contact type sensor is connected with the pin jack. The sensor (photo sensor and proximity sensor, etc.) which needs the power supply is connected with the 3-contact jack.     
The detection channel under use is displayed.
The detection lamp illuminates green when the channel is in use. When a malfunction is detected, the detection lamp blinks red.     
The operation stop of the safety device is made easy to confirm.
When the detection operation is stopped, some lamps are turned off.     
Large-scale figure LED is built in the counter display.
The counter can be read from the remote place.     
Unnecessary operation can be excluded.
When the operation inhibition input in the terminal block is turned on, other buttons than reset and monitor cannot be operated.   

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